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Bring excellent silk to the world
Esther Silk focuses on high-quality clothing production

Why us

We wholeheartedly provide you with one-stop service on silk pro

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About us

"Ten thousand pieces a day, clothing world" in this famous China's important silk textile production base and product distribution center---ShengZe,SuZhou Esther Silk co., LTD quietly born. 

The founder of the company, Niu Ying, has been engaged in the apparel industry for more than 20 years and has accumulated rich experience. From an ordinary sewing worker to the current business owner, she is good at learning and dares to innovate. She has a unique understanding of the clothing and silk industry. Clothing and silk culture have become an indispensable part of her life. In her view, engaging in the silk apparel industry is not just a simple trading activity, but to use high-quality silk products as a bridge between Chinese and foreign cultural communication and exchanges.

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Bring Chinese silk and textile culture and exquisite products to all people who love silk in the world.

Cooperation cases

We work with designers at every stage of the process and complete tasks by the deadline by providing guidance and support.

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  • -Dress
  • -Blouse
  • -Evening dress
  • -Camlsole
  • -Household product
  • -Silk fabric

Customer order process

We will provide different solutions in strict accordance with customer requirements and provide protection for all links until high-quality products are delivered to your hands

Please fill in your requirements for us Please fill in the requirement information carefully and we will contact you within 24 hours

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